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Cam Routines not working

Community Member

I have several Nest Outdoor cameras.  While I have no issues with getting notifications from them based on the triggered event, the Routines I have set up for them never function.

For example, I had a routine to trigger an outlet at night when the Nest Cam detected motion.  The camera correctly detected the motion and I received a notification from the Home app, but the routine never triggered.

I have tried to modify the routine with different settings, to no avail.  If I manually trigger the routine in the Home App, it runs flawlessly.  Just never on its own.

The routine is set up as a Household routines...and I have other Household routines that function properly...just none that are triggered by Nest Cam motion events.

Any ideas?


Community Member

I'm getting the same thing. I haven't heard from anyone who has it working. Other thread here:

Hi everyone,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community? To confirm, do you see any error messages? Is it working before? If so, when did you notice the changes? Try deleting your routine and add a new one with your desired settings. Let us know your update here.




Hi @EmersonB,

It looks like the camera motion starters were prematurely added, as they have now been removed (they didn't work, even though the actions were valid and could be triggered manually, motion did not work as a starter). I've seen comments elsewhere that they will be coming back at some point - you wouldn't happen to know more would you?