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Can Google assistant speak different language on different device

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I lately put a nest hub max at work for playing music and telling time and some reminder announcements. I also have 2 nest hub 2nd at home, which I would like them to speak English, but at work I wish it to speak  Chinese for telling time and announcements, I put 2 languages English and Chinese under the Language setting, when I set the dominant language to be English(the first language), the announcement that i set my google assistant to say on automation would be gibberish, any way to fix this problem? Thanks so much in advance  


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

No, unfortunately. All displays you setup can only be set to 1 language. You can change it following the steps below but it can only be 1 language for all displays.

  1. Go to using the Google account you will use to setup the Nest Hub.
  2. Change the language to your desired language.
  3. Open your phone or tablet's settings app and change the region/language to your desired language. Remove any other languages. You can add these back after setting up your Nest Hub.
  4. Uninstall the Google Home app from your phone or tablet.
  5. Factory reset your Nest Hub.
  6. Install the Google Home app again, and retry setup. It should now display in the language you selected.

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I'm jumping in to ensure everything is good here. Have you seen davidking's response? Let us know of the answers so we could take a closer look at them.




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