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[DIY FIX]Nest cam talk and listen volume too low. Samsung phones

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DIY FIX! Ok guys. I have  problem with my Samsung 20FE and my wired nest google cam. Volume on both ends is too low and it's not playing on my phone's loudspeaker. Only on its earpiece, like a call. It probably has something to do with the microphone and the speaker that is accessed from the home app. Anyway I discovered that this only happens when I have bluetooth enabled and my Galaxy watch connected with my phone, or some other Bluetooth device. So all I did is make a Bixby routine that turns off my Bluetooth when I enter the home app and when I exit the app, Bluetooth turns again on and watch is again connected. Now while I'm using the camera there is no problem at all. Please forward because I think it's a really good DIY fix!


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*and on again, when I exit the app

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Community Specialist

Hi Apostolos,


Thanks for posting and for sharing your resolution in the Community — it's a big help! You can send your feedback using the Google Home app. Here's how

Let me know if you have any other questions and concerns otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.