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I love Google stuff. I have spent hours looking for an "easy" solution to automating sensors in Google Home and just to let you know - I have some 30+ devices using my google hub. I also have a Raspberry PI with Home Assistant but really prefer not having to spend the time to code it nor do I want to pay an extra subscription fee to connect to Google Home for voice commands.
Now I want to automate some sensors. I find that just about everyone bemoans googles lack of automation capabilities.
So, after all that - it appears the easiest solution to automate sensors is to add Amazon Alexa to Google Home.
Sigh. Just ordered my first Echo dot. I am so embarrassed.


Community Member

I actually just ordered three of them, I was the hugest supporter of Google but the lack of automation support and scene support is just really starting to wear at me, I'm tired of coding with home assistant and it's becoming a pain I want things to just be simplified and work and I figured if I got a hub and make the devices able to be seen by Google I would be able to use them but no, Google just tells me when they're open or closed and won't even give me an alert on my phone so at that point I don't get what the point is of it if I have to open the Google home app to just check to see if it's open or closed. What's the point of it even being there if I don't even get a heads up on my phone... I think the main thing I miss though is I wish Google would get over there weird debate with Alexa and just put YouTube music on Alexa, I don't get why they will give iPhone every single one of the Google apps even though we get none of their Apple apps but they won't put YouTube music on Alexa.