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Google home is displaying duplicate lights from the smart life app

Community Member

My Google home app has added duplicate lights for existing lights (adding an underscore) making those lights non responsive. When I go to the smart life app, they are not duplicated. Only in the home app. Any ideas?

I have already

Cleared the cache from the smart home app (on every device I could)


Factory reset the smart life app and switches.


Uninstall and reinstall hom life apps.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Copt4lyfe,


Glad you reached out.


I appreciate all the details and steps you've tried and it looks like you've exhausted the steps. Since reset has been done, you may try this workaround:


  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps & notifications.
  3. Tap the Google (G) app. If you don't see it, first tap See all apps or App info.
  4. Tap Storage & cache Clear cache.
  5. Turn ON personal results

If these steps won't work, I would recommend sending a feedback by following the steps here:


Keep me posted.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


We just want to check if you have seen our response posted above. Let us know if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll be locking the thread.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Copt4lyfe,

We haven't heard from you in a while, so we'll be locking this thread if there's still no update within 24 hours. If you have any new issues, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread here in the Community.