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Home android update, stops location updating and device control part 2

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After the previous post was closed, we're back with the same problems. It all of a sudden stops updating the location in the Home App thus not using my routines. Happens on a OnePlus 9 aswell as a Huawei with latest Android versions and updates.


Already Tried reinstalling, clearing cache, app settings for battery optimization, locking it in the ram memory, and you name it all as you can also read in the previous post.


Works for a few days and then just stops updating it, while the old version still keeps it working.


Old topic: 


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Too bad it doesn't get the replies the first topic did. Home away function only seems to work for couple of days, after that it doesn't report any status changes while the app can can/uses location as I check the permissions page.


Only thing that fixes it is uninstalling en reinstalling or using a old app version...


Pictures of permissions and the list of home away changes and suddenly doing nothing anymore

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