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Household routines

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All household routines disappeared


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I have the same problem


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Community Specialist

Hi folks, 


Thanks for reaching out — let’s see what’s going on. A few questions: were there any recent changes or updates before your routines disappeared? Do you have the public preview version of the Google Home app? Also, is it a custom routine or the built-in ones?


Keep me posted.




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Community Specialist

Hi there,


It's been some time since this thread was updated. Does anyone here need assistance?




There are many issues with routines.  Diagnosis is difficult because any problem might originate from many sources: Home App, Nest WIfi, Youtube music, individual devices including non Google devices.  Here's a short list:

1. Disappearing Household routines:  This seems to be a very slow refresh issue with the Home app.  The routines always existed under the assistant pages, but were not reflected in the Home app for many hours.

2. Amazingly there is still no simple and direct routine ACTION to adjust media volume for even a single speaker.  There is a "adjust Assistant volume" but no "adjust speaker volume".  Custom commands to control volume are hit or miss.

3. Some routines will work only as Personal Routines not Household routines.  If I test by clicking the play arrow next to one of these routines, I get a message "I can only share personal information once I verify your voice"????  The routine works as a personal routine.  It plays a youtube video playlist of screen art on my Sony TV.

4. Still cannot delete the many useless standard routines.

5. Cannot copy a routine to make a new routine.  Have to start from scratch.

6. Cannot tell a routine to mute my TV.  Yet the Google TV remote can do this.

7. Shuffle play of a playlist does not work well if activated from a routine.  It always starts with the first song, then plays the rest randomly, repeating some and missing others.  Shuffle should always start with a random song, then randomly play the remaining songs but without repeating any till all have been played.

8. Some playlists will stop playing if a song is "no longer available".  It should just skip to the next available song/video.

9.  I have video playlists which play correctly on my TV if I cast them from Youtube App.  But If I play them from a routine they don't work.  This seems to be because routines play via the Youtube MUSIC app not the YouTube Video App. When I look at the playlist in the Video APP, all the videos are available. When I look at the same playlist if the YouTube Music App, many are shown as "unavailable".????


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I'm having the issue too.  My daily routine for the school year is still running Monday-Friday, but vanished from the Google Home App.  I've been trying to google how to fix this and even used Bard.  Everything I find seems to be a little bit off.  For example, I cannot see anything about Automations, but that is were the majority of help results are saying my routine was moved too.  In my Google Home app, I do not have a button bar at the bottom of screen as shown in the app store.  I've attempted to uninstall/reinstall the app without luck.  Hardware wise nothing has changed in my house for years, and I was able to edit my routine in Jan/Feb, because I adjusted when the outdoor light kicked on and off in the morning/evening.

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Hi I have 2 custom household routines that no longer display in the Google home app.  They respond to a voice command but do not operate the smart switches they previously did.  

Please note I’m using the public preview app on my iPad and iPhone.   
I have recreated the routines but the voice commands are very similar and clash with the old no longer visible routines.  
How do I delete these missing routines?