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Im **bleep**ing sick and tired of google home playing random music stations

Community Member

I demand that I can forever stop this **bleep**ing thing from playing music ever **bleep**ing again I **bleep**ing don't want it to ever **bleep**ing play music. I **bleep**ing blocked it on the app but it still plays **bleep**ing plays random **bleep**ing stupidly named **bleep**ing stations I'm at my **bleep**ing wits end. Set lights to 80 percent shouldn't play a Xenoblade music station or a 80 degrees music station for **bleep** sakes why. **bleep** off don't play **bleep**ing music. I've left feedback over google for years about it nothing has changed. How does it play music if this **bleep**ing app says it's blocked what the actual **bleep**.