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Moving Nest Aware Subscription (round 2)

Community Member

After posting to the “Moving Nest Aware Subscription” thread a few weeks back, a community specialist here asked me to fill out a support form, which I did, and then I received an email to contact support again.

After contacting support for the 2nd time, I received the exact same response as the first time, which is that you have to delete your original home (in my case that has Thermostats and Nest Awares, setup the way I like) and reconfigure them from scratch.

11:02:25 AM G: […] But can you help me understand why the “community specialist” on this post asked me to fill out the support form if the answer is that this can’t be done?
11:02:26 AM G:
11:06:54 AM Edmond: I understand, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I can tell you that there is only one way to move the subscription. I appreciate your positive approach, patience, effort, kindness and courteousness throughout!

 Either: 1) there is a way to move the subscription without deleting the original structure, but customer support doesn’t know how to do this; or 2) the community specialists think it can be done, but in fact it can’t be done.

Whatever the case may be, this disconnect is only serving to compound the problem.