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Nest Video Cameras and Nest Aware / ADT Pulse

Community Member

Has anyone been able to see any value in the 2 products?


I’ve linked both applications and I can not see any value or functionality with the integration.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Rtarabour,

Thanks for reaching out. Let’s see what’s going on — a few questions: are you trying to view your cameras in the ADT app or Google Home app? Were the cameras installed by ADT Technician or did you install the cameras? Also, were you able to speak to ADT support? If so, how did it go?


Looking forward to your response.




Community Member

Thanks for getting back to me.


I installed 4 new Nest Video Cameras, replacing 4 existing ADT Video Cameras.

I can see the videos from the 4 of them in the Google Home App, and associated alerts.

I've called ADT 2 x's and spoken with Tier 3 support.  The Google home app is showing we have ADT srevices.

The ADT Pulse App on my iPhone does not see / know of the video cameras.  No video, no alerting, and I am unable to set up any automations, either.

I do not see any value / functions of the ADT Pulse app with the Google Nest Video cameras at this time.

What are my next steps??