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Powered wireless hvac vent with Nest.

Community Member

One room in my house has poor circulation. I want to add a powered hvac vent that will work directly, wirelessly, with my gen 2 nest thermostat via my Droid phone. Idea's please.


Community Member

Hi DougrGrob,

There are a few options you could consider to add a powered HVAC vent that will work with your Nest thermostat wirelessly:

  1. Smart vent
    You can consider installing a smart vent, which connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled using your phone. Some popular brands of smart vents include Keen Home, Flair, and Ecovent.

  2. Duct booster fan
    Another option is to install a duct booster fan, which helps increase the airflow in the room. These can be wired to your Nest thermostat and controlled using the Nest app on your phone.

  3. HVAC zoning system
    If you have a larger home with multiple rooms that have different temperature needs, you could consider installing an HVAC zoning system. This involves adding multiple thermostats and dampers to your HVAC system, which allows you to control the temperature in each room independently. This can be controlled using your Nest thermostat and phone.

It's important to note that any modifications or installations to your HVAC system should be done by a licensed professional to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Thank You!