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Presence Sensing

Community Member

My home seems to think I'm at home (and doesn't set as away) on the home app.

It detects my phone is away.

I have  presence sensing on in the app, I have my phone, Thermostat, nest speaker, nest displays and nest protects set for presence sensing - but how do I determine which device is detecting a presence?  or why is the app not changing the state to AWAY?


Furthermore, I can't access any of these devices for motion detection or occupancy detection - so when will the motion sensors be accessible via scripting language (including nest protects).


Community Member

Seems to be the fact that Nest app was configured for Home/Away assist which was upsetting the google home app.    Nest Home and Away not working - Google Nest Help

The history can be viewed in the Home App under activity, so could see it work correctly.