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Trouble creating a routine to set multiple alarms

Community Member

I am trying to create several daily work alarms at one time.  Each individual routine works fine.  For example, the first one is just called "Set Work alarm 1" (which is also the command I can use to start the routine).  The Action I have set is "Set everyday alarm called start first work break for 2:30am".  This works fine, and running that routine will work as expected.  However, when I try to create a master routine to run all 9 alarm commands, it prompts me for what time I want to set the alarm.  This routine that is not working, has 9 actions, each with the command for each individual alarm.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong or what is going on here.  Thanks for the help!


Community Member

I have a similar issue. Normally I set two alarms at once and each day the times change. For example I used to be able to say "hey Google set alarm for 5.30 am and set alarm for 5.40 am" now it just asks if I wanted to set an alarm. Really bugs me now as it used to work and be super fast and easy.