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Turning Touch Sensitivity 'OFF' on Displays

Community Member

Since I set up Google Home at my 'new' house, it has been randomly switching lights on, mostly during the night, which the Google Nest Indoor Cameras pick up as movement & give me notifications of, or I wake up to find a random light 'on' somewhere. I've recently noticed that it is also randomly switching to 'Home' when I'm hundreds of kilometres away. My phone is the only phone which Google is set to recognise. Today, I looked through the history & realised that the random Status changes to 'Home' are activating the 'Home Routine', which turns lights on in the house, causing the cameras to activate. At other times, it appears the lights may have been switched 'on' by way of the Display Screens being touched. Obviously, if no-one is home, the Display Screens shouldn't be getting touched. However, I suspect there may be either a Mouse in the house or an Insect that randomly comes in contact with the screens, causing them to activate.

Is it possible to 'deactivate' the 'Touch Screen' on Google Nest Displays? If so, how? If not, is there a way to stop the Displays from activating Routines when no-one is home &/or when a particular Routine is activated?