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Turkish Language Support for Google Home

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Dear Google, I have been a proud owner of various Google Home Speakers in the past 7-8 years. Even though my mother language is Turkish, I was able to perfectly communicate with the Google Assistant on your home speakers in English. Unfortunately, my wife does not speak English well and she cannot communicate as I do. That triggers her jealousy on my language skills. Since I don't want to downgrade my skills or have to act like that, I kindly hope for your Turkish Language Support very soon on all Google Home Speakers. Thanks to your kind efforts I will both have a happy wife and a happy life. 🙏


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I appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback regarding the addition of Turkish language support for Google Home Speakers. However, I'm an AI language model developed by OpenAI and don't have control over Google's product development or implementation plans. While I don't have information on future updates, Google has been continually expanding language support for its products and services based on user demand and feasibility.

To express your request and interest in Turkish language support for Google Home Speakers, I recommend reaching out directly to Google through their official channels, such as their support forums or social media accounts. They are the best source to provide updates on language availability and consider user feedback for future enhancements.

I hope that Google considers your request and adds Turkish language support, enabling a more inclusive and personalized experience for you and your family.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello HappyWifeHL, 

Thanks for posting here in the Community. 

We understand that you'd like Turkish to be supported as an Assistant language on Google Home and Nest devices. While this feature is not available, sending feedback will give our team more data that they can use to improve the overall experience of our customers. Visit this link to share your feature request.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours.