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Hey Google, my PAID Nest Aware subscription just turned off for the third time.

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And I get a nice "Sorry to see you go" email warning each time before it happens. I paid for a year but it seems to turn off every 10 days. Each time this happens it deletes all my Nest cam history. I see multiple reports of this problem from other users on here so I would think Google could solve it.

I see one lucky user actually reached a person at Google and had the problem resolved. I have not been so lucky in figuring how to solve the problem or how to reach anyone at Google. Can anyone give me tips on to prevent Google from turning off my subscription about every 10 days or how to reach someone.  I have the paid receipt.



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You will need to contact support directly and start a case,

I have seen a couple of people with similar issues but not an overwhelming amount , it's definitely odd!  

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Opening a ticket would be the first step. Make sure you do not end up with two subscriptions by accident. In the terms of service there are no refunds for service for any reason. I signed up for an annual subscription myself and received the receipt. I looked at my credit card and I was billed for two subscriptions even though it did not match my receipt. I was told that somehow I ended up with two subscriptions and even though it did not match my receipt. They told me I would not receive a refund for the second subscription. I already had a one year plan to nest aware plus, so the second subscription would not give me any benefits. 

It was not a pleasant experience. Be very very careful with your subscription.

I guess what you’re saying is be very careful with Google products and subscriptions. This is very disappointing. I was just starting to turn all home devices to Google, now will rethink. By the way, I also have a paid subscription for Nest since long, migrated the account to Google, and I’m having serious issues, with the service simply failing to provide recordings of previous days, clips when available do not play video, are just static pics. Very very disappointing.