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Nest Aware Subscription paid for but inactive

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Looks like I accidentally put this in the doorbells category but it might be a better fit here...

Hey there, I am having trouble with my nest aware subscription and I'm at my wits end trying to get it resolved.  I'm hoping someone else has dealt with this and can say if they figured it out or not.  

I got a Battery Nest Doorbell in September and got it all set up, everything works perfectly.  When my nest aware intro subscription was about to expire, I went ahead and paid for an annual subscription to keep the service.  About a month later, I noticed my video history was no longer available after a short period of time (3 hours) and subsequently learned that my subscription was no longer active, despite paying for a year.

I contacted Nest about the issue and they referred me to google store, who then referred me back to Nest.  This went on (no joke) about 5 times before I finally got someone at Nest that did a decent job telling me what was going on.  According to him, he could see that my yearly subscription activated but then cancelled a month later for no apparent reason.  He told me to send him my bank statement to verify the charge (which I did) and then he set up a support ticket with Google Store with that info.  Unfortunately, I would need to contact Google Store again because Nest cannot do anything about the subscription payment, refund or status.

Back over to Google Store and I have hit a wall.  I have been going back and forth with the support person there for over a week and the rep can't seem to do anything useful.  He has repeatedly asked me for something called a Structure Name and a STOSUB ID, and referred me to my subscription page on the Google Store to get that info.  The thing is, when I go to that page there is no subscription listed because it's not active, so I can't exactly provide that info.

A few notes:

- When I go to and look at my subscriptions, there is an option to enroll in Nest Aware as if I had never done it.  Going down that route eventually leads me to a "500" error page.

- When I go to, I can actually see the Nest Aware subscription on my subscriptions page.  It shows my payment on Sep 27, 2021 and that the subscription cancels on Sep 27, 2022.

- When I go to Nest Aware in the google home app, it looks like I can subscribe and pay for the service.  I have not tried to do this yet for fear of further confusing the situation.  If I can't get a result I may end up doing a monthly subscription to see if that works.

The support rep apparently cannot "escalate" the issue unless I get him the aforementioned information (Structure Name, STOSUB ID) but hasn't told me how to go about finding that info.  If anyone has any advice or ideas on what to do, I'm all ears.  The only reason I haven't gotten a refund through my credit card is because I'd really like to have the service, and it really seems like something is broken on Google's end. Thanks for reading through if you got to the end!


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Platinum Product Expert

I'm gonna escalate this to the team for you, can you provide any case ID or numbers that you were given ? 

@Ashepherdsonthank you very much for the help! The latest case number I have is Case ID [5-7764000031590].

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Platinum Product Expert

No worries, I have escalated so someone from Google should get back to you 




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Community Specialist



Hi again, no need for another post as we have addressed this in your original post. I will be locking this thread as I am handling it on your original thread which you can find here


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