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Nest camera, nest floodlight, nest aware, nest app, google home

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Hi Brad,
I purchased the Nest Floodlight Camera. It's installed and set up through Google Home.
I also have the Nest Doorbell Camera.
The doorbell camera works with the nest app., When I tried setting up the floodlight camera through the Nest App, it redirected me to Google Home to finish set up.

How do I set up the floodlight camera through the Nest app?

Is Nest Aware intergrated into the Google Home app?

How can combine the event history and alerts for both cameras into one feed?

Having alerts, notifications, camera settings, event history, etc;. coming from two separate apps is not integration and a little silly considering that the cameras are from the manufacturer.

Any input or suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 






The Google Nest Floodlight Camera, like other Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in the fall of 2021, work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app OR on the website.

The Google Nest Hello Doorbell is configured and administered in the Google Nest app and on the website. However, it's video feed can be accessed in the Google Home app.

A Nest Aware subscription will include both cameras; they just have to be in the same "home" in the Google Home app.

The video feed from both can be accessed from a Google Nest Hub.

At present, us customers are stuck with getting alerts and notifications--and accessing events and history--from 2 separate apps.

Google's rationale for this 2-app approach, and its promises to rectify it, can be found in this Sept. 29, 2021 blog post in this forum--along with considerable customer reaction. There has been no update since then.

So we have to purchase two separate Nest Aware accounts to get the 30 day videos of our Nest cameras?  Can we integrate so we only have one Nest Aware purchase?


No, you do not need two Nest Aware subscriptions.  Yes, you can integrate all of your cameras in the same subscription.

We have one new Google Nest Camera (Battery) and several older Google Nest cameras and doorbells.  All are covered under our one Nest Aware subscription.  I was just pointing out that a Nest Aware subscription covers all of the cameras in the same "home" in the Google Home app (the Google Nest app calls this a "structure")  because I've seen posts from some customers who have more than one "home" and have issues with which cameras are covered by their Nest Aware subscription.