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Best Protect sensor failure

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I have purchased three Nest Protect smoke/CO detectors in the last four years since purchasing my home. Last year, one of them had a sensor failure. It was clean and I was told by customer service that because it was out of warranty, I was not going to get any help. Today my newest one had a sensor failure. Again, not dirty.  It was manufactured 4/10/2020 and is supposed to last until 2030. I am just over a month outside of the warranty, so again, on my own for the cost of replacing. I’m quite upset with the quality of this very expensive product. For it to last only two years when a standard alarm would cost me $30 and last 10 is incredibly frustrating and disheartening. 


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I also faced the issue of sensor failure on my protect, but I have warranty so I claimed, and another one, usually I use it while watching Argentina vs Mexico Live Stream, and always enjoy with it.

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