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Can’t connect new alarm to already existing Nest network

Community Member

Hi, we have had a garden room built about 80m from the house. Have best protect fitted and the garden room has hard wired wifi from the same router so I know the wifi network is great. When I try to install new nest protect it always fails as cannot connect to another device as house too far. I assumed as wifi network identical, it would work but can’t seem to make this happen. 


Community Member


When adding the Protect try doing it with another Protect close by. The app will tell you that its looking for joining devices and when that happens just press once on  the button of the Protect that is already added.

Community Member

During the add process, there comes a time when you confirm that it should start connecting, at which point you should make sure that your other Nest Devices (=supporting)
is active. With a nest protect you press the button so it does a self-test (which you can cancel if you want, it is then active enough).