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Extremely disappointed with Google Support Process (not staff)

Community Member

For years I have been using a Nest Protect Alarm. To the point I just bought 4 more.  Within 24 hours of the new install, a CO alarm report started and all devices were reporting the alarm as expected.  When the air was cleared out of CO all devices went back to normal except my old nest started to loop the same "there is CO in another room" on and on, the nest app reported the same device batteries were dead (new ones installed jan 11 2022 and are confirmed perfectly fine).  Support tried to help, impossible to factory reset, impossible to get pass that message just blinking Yellow!  Well I am asked to send a video.  I waited 24 hours to be told, the warranty was only 2 years, can't do anything about it, it is a hardware issue, go buy yourself another next generation one.  Cannot escalate, can just drop a complaint here.   Well, here I am. 

Seriously Google ? this is below par customer service and a really bad idea to drop the ball on a possible important software issue.  

So anyone knows how to post a real complaint? thanks