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3d Gen thermostat

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I am in a new house with a 3d Gen nest thermostat. Professionally installed & less than 6 months old. Since Google bought Nest the product is inconsistent at best. The camera & works & never drops offline but the thermostat is very sketchy. It keeps dropping off the network. I have always been able to reboot, restart & do everything indicated online to get it back on WIFi. Shouldn’t require this level of intervention.  This time no previous fixes work. No electric outages, no problem with phones, computers or TVs. Just the thermostat. My old home had the original Nest & no problems in 10 years. New thermostat sucks. What gives? I have my hvac company coming next week. Hope this is under warranty.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Carolmcp,


Thanks for reaching out and for being a step ahead of us. I'm sorry for the delay. I'd like to check it further. Please provide your Nest Thermostat power readout. 


You can follow this guide:


  1. Go to your thermostat Quick View menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Look for Technical Info.
  4. Select Power.


Also, connection interference could cause your thermostat to go offline in the app such as cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, and other Wi-Fi devices. Were there any instances that your thermostat shows low power? How far away is your thermostat from the router?