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6.2 update to thermostate does not work with Nest app

Community Member

I have a Gen 3 nest thermostat. After google auto updated to 6.2 the Thermostat would no longer respond to command OFF from Nest  App. I set thermostat to factory default. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Nest app, as requested by customer support.  I then added the Nest thermostat back onto my location. Will not work. Nest customer support could offer no other solutions. Thermostat is no longer responds to OFF command. I can set temperature but not OFF. Two other thermostats on the same account are using a previous version 5.9.4-5 software and they respond correctly to all commands from Nest app. 

If goggle forces a customer to upgrade to new software and it no longer works as advertised we should receive a refund. Its a bit like purchasing a car with blind side warning lights and later the manufacture updates software and removes that feature. We purchased for a feature and if they remove they should refund.