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Fan keeps blowing even after I remove wire from G connector

Hi, can someone help me please? Installed the Google nest thermostat this afternoon and the fan hasn’t stopped running. It’s been 4 hours since it’s installed and the fan is still running. I removed the G wire and I have the C wire. Did not fix the i...

GraceYVR by Community Member
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C-Wire Poser

I have a C wire in my old thermostat and specified it when setting up my Nest. Nest tells me the C wire is not getting power. I tested the power and it is at 24v. Any ideas? thanks.


I have two nest thermostats one upstairs one downstairs but only one shows up in the Alexa app

Please help wiring report

I'm getting a E73 wiring report. What does this mean? It's telling me to log on to but it doesn't let me log on

EllieC by Community Member
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Resolved! Hot Water temperature value lost from Nest App

I've got a 3rd Gen Thermostat controlling my system boiler and monitoring my hot water cylinder. I've recently noticed the value for the hot water temperature not updating and being unrealistic (14.5Cwhen I know the tank is hot). I've just rebooted t...

Mr_Al by Community Member
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