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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! Is it possible to to replace Trane XL624 thermostat with Nest

It has the following wires: C, R, W1, W2, G, Y1, Aux NCThe Aux NC wire seems to be the wire that the nest compatibility checker has trouble but I am not sure what that wire does. help wou...

Backplate Replacement

Hello,wondering where to purchase a replacement backplate (part circled in red) for my Google Nest. One of the clips has broken off (see red arrow). Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.  


change from thermo pump to auxiliary

I have had Nest thermostat for a long time and it always functionned well even at extremes temperatures. My Thermopump and auxiliary furnace were changed recently. My new thermopump is working down to -24 Celsius ( my old one was working down to -15)...

Ric979 by Community Member
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Multiple nest thermostats, how many heatlinks?

Hello We are installing nest thermostats to control a house with under floor heating (ufh), and each room has its own ufh outlet from the main manifold. Therefore the house will have lots of thermostats. There are three manifolds for each of the thre...

mehul1977 by Community Member
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Resolved! No C wire but possible work around

Any issue with the Google Nest Thermostat if I use the green wire as a c wire? I don't it will mean I cannot run the fan independently, but that's fine. My current (no pun intended) thermostat has: Rc, G; W, and Y wire.

ctleea by Community Member
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New Nest tlearning thermostat, no Home app connection

I have a new heat pump that came with a Nest learning thermostat. The thermostat made the connection with my google wifi network. I can see the thermostat in the wifi settings, connection is ok. But the thermostat will not connect to the home app. I ...

Lost1too by Community Member
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Google Nest Wiring - No Yellow (Cooling) Wire

Hello- Replaced a 2004 thermostat with the Nest. Electric Ducane with AC and heat with 4 wires at thermostat.Red (Power)Blue (Common)White (Heat)Green (Fan)I have an outside AC unit compressor that worked prior to the change to the Nest. The Nest the...

LC4 by Community Member
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Rush hour rewards for different provider messages repetitive

I have pacific power and my message inbox constantly asking me to join PGE rush hour in which I have joined to shut the messages to join off. I get a message eventually saying I can't join after a week or more then it starts all over why can't I pick...

Allow Google Calendar to automatically heat room for meetings

I would like Google Calendar to heat a room only when there is a meeting booked. To save energy, we would like to have the rooms at 13C (55F) until they are booked. Then have the temperature much warmer 21C (70F). After the meeting the room should re...

Andyd by Community Member
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