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App not working

Community Member

App isn’t working. Thermostat works fine but can’t connect to app at all. Every time I try it says having connection issues try again in a few minutes. I believe there is a major problem with Google cloud which may be directly effecting the app. Not sure if this is possible or not. I have tried restarting and redownloading the app many times to no avail. 


Community Member

I am also having the same problem. Anyone out there who can advise?

Community Member

I’m having same problems, probably Nest was better off before google took over. 

Community Member

I’m not sure if it’s a solution but have had the same issue as everyone else where my app shows offline even though the actual thermostat is working and connected.

Foday I was looking through my settings and I have home/away assist off as my wife is at home most of the time and I didn’t want it to switch everything off when I am out. I pressed the setting for home(even though it was highlighted)and the system immediately showed ‘on’ again. I will need to monitor this but I probably need to turn off the home/away assist from the thermostat itself