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Aux Wiring Not Working

Community Member

For the 2nd time in a week my Aux heating has stopped working. The first time the W2/Aux terminal stopped working, even though looking at the wiring on the Nest itself it does show it is connected. I fixed the problem by moving the Aux wire to the W1 terminal. Now it appears that W1 has stopped working as well, so I've lost Aux heat again.

I've verified that the heater itself works by jumping the red, green, and white wires and checking that the aux heater and fan are blowing. I've also put the green wire (fan) in both the W2/Aux terminal and the W1 terminal and running a test for the Aux Heating, and finding that the fan does not turn on.

My HVAC guy said he sees this happening on other Nest thermostats, and the best solution is to get a different brand. Is that my only option, or is there a way to fix my Nest?