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Resolved! New Nest Learning thermostat - I want it to STOP learning

I was using the regular Nest thermostat, but had my a/c system replaced with a new system using a 2 stage compressor, so the old thermostat wouldn't work. The new Learning thermostat works great, but I do not want it to change settings on me automati...

richj44 by Community Member
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Heat link 3rd generation dead

Hi,My 3rd generation heat link has suddenly died on me. No leds light up anymore. I confirmed the power socket still works by plugging in another device. The Nest is only a couple months old. Thanks,Max

Mini_ by Community Member
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Net not displaying temperature after using mobile devise

Hi everyone. my nest is not displaying the temperature change after changing it in my iOS device . Before I used to immediately see it on the nest device after I change the temperature on my mobile device and not it’s not longer doing it. Any advice ...

Fabcha by Community Member
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Set Temp Shutoff

Nest EIf I set desired AC temp to 72 or any other temp. What temp will AC shut down. At set temperature or some temperature below the set temperature. 1 degree maybe

Ucrazy51 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat showing e299.

Installed a nest thermostat a few months ago after my learning thermostat died. Was workign fine and set shcedule and such. Went to adjust and home app says Wiring Error / E299: Wiring Error (C-wire is broken). Thermostat iteslf says Equipment error ...

billragz by Community Member
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heat won't turn on -

i have reset the next thermostat and it still won't workyesterday all of a sudden the next was on? i didn't touch it to do that. it sounded like just the fan.I tried to turn the heat on....did not connecti tried to turn the a/c on same thing.i need t...

iralor by Community Member
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Unauthorized person did a factory re-set

I have weekly rental properties and a guest decided to do a factory re-set. How do I prevent this and how did he do that without the code? I have used Eco when there are no guest, then turn off eco and have not figured out how to limit the temperatur...

DAZZZ by Community Member
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