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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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What temp sensor is compatible with the new Nest Thermostat?

Hi! I recently purchased and installed the new google nest thermostat and it seems the google nest temp sensor is not compatible. Does anyone know if there is a temp sensor that IS compatible with the new nest thermostat? If not, I’m going to need to...

Kmularz by Community Member
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Nest gen 3rd 3 wire install cools but does not heat

The home has multi zone baseboard heat, with the later addition of 2 AC air handlers. First Nest installed fine; the second will only cool or fan.Directed wiring is Green to G, Y1 to Y1, and RC to Rc (and ignoring the blue jumper between RH & RC).The...

John78 by Community Member
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NEST Thermostat and power outage

Is the NEST thermostat able to turn on the heat in the furnace in a power outage like my currant old AA battery programmable thermostat?

brucec19 by Community Member
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Inaccurate running times

I've been having major issues with my furnace lately. Many days we get no heat at all, yesterday was one of those, and yet under "history" its showing it was on for over 8 hours! This is happening regularly. Anybody else encounter this type of issue ...

Bluzelovr by Community Member
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nest zones

hi all, I have been beating my head against a brick wall with trying to find advice for a nest system and compatibility with our heating system, hopefully someone who knows these things will be able to help.I have a system boiler so have a separate h...

kayak by Community Member
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Home / Away is useless

Why have home and away when you click on the way and it doesn’t go into eco mod??!! The version you would be able to click away and it will automatically go to eco temperatures. Now you click on home or away and it does nothing! the product is useles...

YupYea by Community Member
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Buyer Beware! Nest Gen 2 Backplate issues

Buyer beware! In 2012, I had a new house built and had the HVAC installer put in two Nest Gen 2 Learning Thermostats, one for each HVAC system. I had previous experience with Nest Learning Thermostats and wanted them in my new house. Fast forward to ...

Resolved! Heat Link Question

Hi, so i have just bought a gen 3 learning thermostat with the heat link box and as soon as i removed it from the box i noticed the heat link box did not have nest stamped in the middle like all the others I,ve seen, is this a new design or have i be...

Adi66 by Community Member
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Replacing nest thermostat with a new nest

My 5 year old nest Has stopped working. I plugged in a new one and it has been updating software for 10 minutes, even though it never asked for my password. How do I set this up?

Hb61 by Community Member
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