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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Runaway heating when cooling

Everything seems to work for a period of time. Then it seems to have a runaway heating issue while indicating it is cooling. I really need some help. I’m glad nest alerts me when the air conditioner, not responding properly( temp rise when it’s calli...

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Google Nest will not charge

Hi, my nest will not stay charged long enough to reconnect to Wi-Fi. They charge only last longer than five minutes. What do you suggest that I do this is the first time I had to charge it and now it won't stay charged.

Vlove by Community Member
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Existing Thermostat Wiring

 I just moved into a new house and wanted to add a Nest thermostat. When I removed the cover of the existing thermostat the wiring was not listed on the compatibility sheet. Does anyone know if a Nest Thermostat will work with the existing system?

Gkatmar by Community Member
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Nest Wiring Help

   Help! My nest will turn off and I have to wire recharge it. It will stay charged when heat runs but not AC. It shows it’s receiving correct power in technical info. The old thermostat had r jumper to Rc. I have it connected to the nest Rc now but ...

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TopGun787 by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat

I have a blue jumper wire which runs between the Rc and R can I use the nest thermostat? My current thermostat is an AprilaireBest regards,Mark

star7799 by Community Member
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Heatlink broken

Hi, My heatlink has stopped working (lights off on the unit even though power is present, have tried a reset). I have logged a ticket on this however have received no update on this. Can someone please let me know how I can request a new Heatlink and...

brians489 by Community Member
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Heating instead of cooling

Why does my system start heating when I'm trying to cool? New AC with heat pump &. New basic Nest. The OB was added after the set up and not sure if it was done wrong. It cools on Stage 2. Once temperature is where I want it, and once I try to cool i...