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nest offline

over past 2 days, noticed that temp on my NEST thermostat at my cottage has been going down (there has been a big storm). went below ECO temp at 4.5 degrees and this morning just went offline. I have lots of propane (radiant heat) and wifi working in...

David70 by Community Member
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Resolved! Third gen heatlink down.

System was working fine today (and has been faultless since installed). However, it is now not heating, and the heatlink seems to have failed.I've measured power (245V) going in. None of the lights are on.I've tried switching off and waiting 30s then...

Nest Thermostat Gen 3

My thermostat dial shows orange and the degree of 70 as if it is heating but nothing is coming out of my vents. I have to lower it to a lower setting and then go back up for the heat to start coming on. Why is it showing heating in orange if that is ...

Bkoch24 by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat 3 gen wiring issue

I just purchased a nest 3 gen learning thermostatMy current thermostat has 6 wires, when I used the apps wiring guide, it state to contact support for assistance. I have a yellow, green, 2 white wires, 1 into the W and the other into an O, 2 red wire...

serpico1 by Community Member
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Thermostat won’t give me an entry key

The thermostat went offline. I’ve tried every troubleshooting technique that’s suggested online. The thermostat won’t give me an entry key to add to my account on the app. The error message it keeps giving me when I hit get entry key is “there was a ...

Heat link has no power

My heat link looks like it has packed up, I’m getting power to the boiler but no power to the heat link. I have tried resetting and powering down etc but getting nothing. Is there a way to power the boiler manually without the heat link? And how do I...

Honeywell 6 Wires

Greetings,Have a Honeywell with six wires with Orange Wire is in the W and Black is in C. Air handler in attic has circuit breaker my neighbor told be turn off as well as the a/c breaker in main breaker box.What is correct way to wire?Thank you.

bmfieldnc by Community Member
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Trouble connecting Wi-Fi to the thermostat. The error code it shows is W 5.

Charan304 by Community Member
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