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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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My nest heatlink stopped working

Hi, does anyone know how to get a replacement heatlink? Seems like it’s a common issue… one of my 3 just stopped working

cpmirl by Community Member
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How do u turn the unit off of eco. I work from home upstairs and it gets freezing downstairs because it doesn’t recognize anyone is home.

Jtnau by Community Member
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NEST install re: C Wire

I must be missing something. I have a situation where I am going to use the G wire (fan) as my C wire. What I don't understand is does the C Wire have +24 volts on it or is it the return path for +24 volts from one of the R wires?My AC unit where the...

dandrews by Community Member
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old thermostat had w-o/b, new Nest doesn't turn on heat

My old thermostat had a w-o/b wire, and I'm unsure whether to plug it into w or o/b on the nest. We ended up plugging it into the w port. We don't have a heat pump, we have a forced air gas furnace. The A/C seems to be fine, but when we turn on the h...

dial not working on nest

The dial doesn't rotate to be able to select any of the commands so I have to control the temp through my app. However, I have no other functionalities due to dial not turning.

bjbyrd314 by Community Member
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Can nest thermostat be used in a greenhouse?

Hello, I have just had installed a glass greenhouse that is 19' x 11 Victorian Style. The heat source is fin tube hot water. I would like to install a nest thermostat so that I can remotely know the greenhouse temperature. Are there any concerns abou...

Diana56 by Community Member
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Error message E294

I have Error E294 message on thermostat after thinking Nest was set up.

Dport8146 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat warranty claim

We purchased a house in June of 2021 and had Nest thermostats installed. No issues while the AC was the main system running. We visited family over New Years holiday and when we returned the downstairs Nest thermostat indicated on the phone it was of...

Charles_O by Community Member
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