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Resolved! Nest compatible Trane system?

Aloha! I have a Trane heat pump. I had thought that the wiring would not be compatible with a Nest thermostat, because Trane likes to use a lot of proprietary gear. When I took the thermostat face off, however, I saw something that looked more like t...

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NedNix by Community Member
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Google Nest will not connect to wifi

I have tried every troubleshooting step. It was working fine for a few months. Now it can not find any wifi's/I keep getting a w5 wifi error.

Tamed by Community Member
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Outside the City

How do I get my new nest thermostat to use the zip code from another city for more accurate outside temperatures? I live 8 miles outside the city that my zip code is associated with (unincorporated city life). I have another city much closer to where...

Nest7405 by Community Member
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Nest counts down, stops cooling

My thermostat stops cooling after a minute or so, the it starts a count down “Starts in x:x min”, about 3min and starts again for a minute. The heating works fine. Image of the wires is attached 

Encha by Community Member
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Nest Warranty claim system is not working

My nest learning thermostat stopped working recently. After changing mode from heat to cool, it intermittently let the ac run it turned on and off every minute or so, and eventually the thermostat stopped working altogether and has no power. My hvac ...

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