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Can't add Nest E thermostat to Nest App

Community Member

I can't access the menu on the Nest E screen. All I get is this on the screen or sometimes the same thing without the download symbol. These symbols came on after I default reset the thermostat. When I try to "add product" for the thermostat, it looks as though the thermostat is "adding" but eventually it just says there was a problem and gives me the TD009(18.1) error code. As I can't access the menu on the thermostat I can't enact any of the remedies the Google error code help notices suggest. So what is wrong? Why can't I get the thermostat menu? Has the software on the thermostat been corrupted - if so how can I get new software downloaded to boot it. And I have checked that my Wifi and internet are working.NestScreen1.jpg


Community Member

I've got the same problem