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Connecting already installed Nest Thermostat to Google Home App

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I have had the worst experience trying to set up and connect to a brand new Nest thermostat that was already installed in the new house we bought


When I scan the code in Nest App, it takes me to Google Home App. IN Google HOme App, trying to add a new device ->Thermostat and then it gives me lot of wiring instructions but my device is already wired. I sometimes manage to go through those instructions by selecting some values in wires, etc and then it says ready to get started, pick a language and test.... 

And then it disappears and takes me back to the home screen with no new device added. WTF?

Have tried this so many times and so many ways and don't seem to find any answers or who to even contact. Horrible experience


Thinking of just disconnecting and installing something else



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

What model of thermostat is it? If it's already installed, has it been reset by the previous owner so you can add it to your account?


Its the Nest Thermostat (not the learning one or the E verson). Software version on screen says 0.9-1.

I did try to reset it from the screen, but it did not do much. 


My problem is the GOogle Home App doesn't allow me to skip the wiring instructions to get to just adding it to my account

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

It sounds like you have the newest Nest Thermostat, released in 2020. I don't have one to test with, but it sounds like you may need to remove the thermostat display from the base and tell the app what wires are connected, so it knows what to do. You can then put the thermostat display back onto the base until it clicks into place.

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I don’t have a solution, just commiserating. My family has also had a terrible time connecting to a nest cam and doorbell rang is already set up. This has been extremely frustrating and difficult. We are also considering getting rid of these devices and purchasing a different brand that might actually work and we can find support for. 

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Did anyone find a solution for this? My already installed Nest Thermostat is doing the same thing with prompting me for wire descriptions and won’t bypass that screen in Google Home app. The device was factory reset by prior owner and I’m trying to configure and get it connected to Wi-Fi. 

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Same issue. Terrible overall experience. 

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My nest thermostat ( not learning ) just got installed - I wasn’t home .  How do I connect it to my phone without answering wiring questions I don’t know anything about ? It works fine , I just control it manually / but would really like to connect it to my phone . Please help ! Can I skip wiring questions ? ? 

Did you find an answer to this?  I’m having the same issue