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Custom Nest Temperature Sensor Schedule Times

Community Member

Please fix this. I have searched for an update on this topic every few months for the last 2+ years. 

There continues to be no control for selecting the times for the sensors other than the preset times. 

My wife is so unhappy how freezing cold it is in the living room in the mornings when she gets up at 5am with my children to get ready for school.. I don't get up that early so it's impossible to have the temperature where it needs to be at the appropriate times. 

15+ year old 'dumb' thermostats can be set up to do this from the thermostat,  there is no excuse! 

Wake up Google/Nest team,  give us some control over this or find a solution. 

It's been years where people have been asking for this ability. 

And here I am once again awake at 5:30am, with my unhappy wife, searching for a solution to only see the same stuff for years. No ability, no solutions, no conversation from someone at Google/Nest. 

Every response from a Specialist/ Forum Moderator seems to be a bot/AI canned response: Dear 'so and so', thank you for your feedback about 'insert topic here'. The team at Google/Nest is working hard at delivering quality solutions to its customers. I just wanted to check in with you on 'insert topic here' and see if I can support you or if you had anymore questions. 


Stop this, please find a solution.


Community Member

I share your pain, and have the exact same situation.  


I have come up with a workaround that isn't perfect, but helps. It does require the use of a temperature sensor, so one would need the Learning Thermostat (or the "midrange", discontinued thermostat whose name escapes me) since these models support temperature sensors. 


  •  a) use a temp sensor in the living room.  
  • b) make sure the sensor schedule is set to use the living room sensor during the (annoyingly limited) "Night"  period of 9pm-7am.(*)
  • c)  In your schedule, set the temperature to your preferred "kids are comfortable in the living room" temp. Set this to the time that you need the family room to be warm in the morning. 
  • d) I've found the following part to be especially helpful: use the Early On option and set it to the amount of hours it'll take for your furnace to raise the family room temp from your overnight temp to your "kids are warm in the living room temp". I set it to "1-hour". 

To give an example of the above, I have my living room sensor set as my "Night" sensor (*). Late in the evening, I have my schedule drop the temp to 62° for the night, with this temp pegged to the living room sensor. (I choose my overnight temp based on the fact that the living room is one of the coldest rooms in the house. So if I want the bedrooms to be 64° overnight, I choose 62° for the living room, since it tends to run 2° cooler than the rest of the house.)

Now, the goal: I want the living room to be 68° no later than  6:30am, which is when folks start using that room.  So, I just set my schedule to 68° at 6:30am, and the Early On option will have automatically turned the heat on early enough to ensure that the living room is 68° at 6:30am. 

(Of course, the setting for Early On is in 1-hour increments, nothing more granular. But for me, it doesn't take more than an hour to raise the living room temp from 62° to 68°). 

Maybe you've already tried this idea, but if not, I hope it helps. 


(*) - Ranting Footnote:

The fact that Nest only offers 4 times of day for the sensor schedule is baffling. There's so many reasons why this schedule would not work for folks.  Live farther north, where the sun sets later, keeping things warmer? 9pm is likely not gonna be your "nightime". 

I would love to see the sensor schedule broken down into 15-minute increments, just like the temp schedule. Even just an hourly option would be a huge improvement. Like many homes, mine heats and cools unevenly.  The temp sensors can help with that but dang, many people's "Morning" starts before 7am.  Sheesh, Nest. 

Community Member

It's baffling that you aren't able to set the exact time the sensors switch. This is driving me nuts as well. 

Hello folks,


I know it has been a while, but I wanted to ensure that everything is covered here.

I'm sorry to hear that everyone is having issues with the Temperature Sensor Schedule, and I appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions about this. Customizing the sensor schedule is not available, but rest assured that our team is always looking for ways to improve. So, please let our product team know about it by sending feedback, and if there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know. Otherwise, this thread will be locked within 24 hours.