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Customize sensor schedules

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Users should be able to define when the system switches to which senor.  If I had known this wasn't an option, I wouldn't have purchased.  This really can't be hard to program Google.  Get it done.  Everyone is different.  Some people wake up at 5 am. It would be nice if the house wasn't freezing for us because nest doesn't allow this customization


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This comes up constantly. It's been years now and there is little hope of it ever happening. The sensors were released in March of 2018 - nearly four years ago. It's a frequent, if not constant, source of threads here. Most go unanswered. If you are lucky, you'll be asked to leave feedback in the app.

Nest’s Temperature Sensors are the bare minimum of what a remote sensor can accomplish (link)

As true now as when it was said in Sept. 2018. I've yet to find any sort of work around to provide the functionality you want. If you're a software developer maybe you can figure out how to automate it from but be aware that there is no official API that lets you select the sensor, and previous integration points, like the ones that IFTT used to work aren't just 'not being supported' they're being shutdown. So realize that any effort you invest in a workaround is unlikely to keep working in the future.

You can manually tell it when to switch which sensor - but that's awful.

You can give up and pretend that the smart learning will figure it out - but it doesn't/it won't.

You can give up and get an Ecobee or similar. Ecobee still has some limitations but it's a lot closer to what you want. Thankfully I'm still within my return window. The newest Ecobee's mounting hardware even has the same screw spacing as the newest Nest so you won't have to make any new holes in your wall.

I'm sorry that wasn't helpful.

Good luck.

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Yeah, what a waste of money. This is incredibly frustrating. I didn't even think to double check this before I started buying things because the experience I've had with the ecobee made me think that this was a very basic option. As soon as the ecobee goes on sale I"ll have to look to switch.

Same boat.  This feature should have naturally been apart of Nest sensors/ app from the start.. but apparently it's not.  And at this rate it never will be. 

I've searched for 2+ years now for this feature to be added. 

I'm about to toss my entire Nest system in the trash and use my 15 year old 'dumb' thermostat to make the temp be where I want it at the time I want it.. lol this is so pathetic. 

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I'm also disappointed and surprised that I can't customize the times that the sensor / thermostat switches over. 4pm and 9pm are pretty arbitrary times. I need the switchover to happen just before my son's bedtime which would be at about 7 pm. Now I guess I have to do it manually... so much for automation.



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Sad isn't it?  How dumb a smart thermostat can be..

Why this feature continues to not be a thing is beyond me,  that's the whole point of the Nest system I thought.. to have the temp be what you want it at, when you want it at, and in any room you want it in! 


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Please fix this. I have searched for an update on this topic every few months for the last 2+ years. 

There continues to be no control for selecting the times for the sensors other than the preset times. 

My wife is so unhappy how freezing cold it is in the living room in the mornings when she gets up at 5am with my children to get ready for school.. I don't get up that early so it's impossible to have the temperature where it needs to be at the appropriate times. 

15+ year old 'dumb' thermostats can be set up to do this from the thermostat,  there is no excuse! 

Wake up Google/Nest team,  give us some control over this or find a solution. 

It's been years where people have been asking for this ability. 

And here I am once again awake at 5:30am, with my unhappy wife, searching for a solution to only see the same stuff for years. No ability, no solutions, no conversation from someone at Google/Nest. 

Every response from a Specialist/ Forum Moderator seems to be a bot/AI canned response: Dear 'so and so', thank you for your feedback about 'insert topic here'. The team at Google/Nest is working hard at delivering quality solutions to its customers. I just wanted to check in with you on 'insert topic here' and see if I can support you or if you had anymore questions. 


Stop this, please find a solution.

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Looks like we’ll all be dumping our Nest for ecobee.

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I too never thought to check the ability to set my own schedule for a sensor before I bought it. Now I wish I hadn't wasted money on the sensor.  Their idea of a schedule doesn't match my own schedule at all.  The ability to set a custom schedule is so basic, it's appalling that this feature is missing.  I'll be looking for a replacement solution that better meets my needs.