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Dead Thermostat E straight out of the box

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I'm setting up my Thermostat E and after plugging the base unit in for the first time am getting the error TD023 on the app. The base unit appears to be totally dead: no lights, no response to pressing the ring.  I'm trying to follow the instructions for a reset, but it seems the unit needs to be on in order to do a reset!


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That happened with the Nest thermostat I bought from Lowes.  I took it back and they let me replace it immediately.  The second one worked.

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Thanks Bry.  The base unit's battery was totally flat.  The Nest helpdesk guy showed me how to "force charge" it via the USB port on the back.  I think this can happen when units spend extended periods "on the shelf" between factory and end user.  I managed to get it to take a charge, but it remains to be seen whether being totally discharged for such a long period has damaged it  permanently.  Interestingly, the retailer where I bought it had about a dozen units on the shelf, every one of which had been opened (perhaps bought, tried without success, and returned?)

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I know it’s been awhile but do you remember how to force the nest thermostat e to charge via USB? I also have a dead one but bought brand new from an individual so I can’t take it back.