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Do I need 2 heat link devices if I have 2 Thermostats

Community Member

Current set up:

Nest Thermostat model Display-3.4 with Heat Link Amber-2.5

I would like to add a Nest Thermostat E to a different room.  This comes with a Heat Link.  I already have the above Heat Link installed, do I need to install the one that comes with the Nest Thermostat E.

If the Thermostat E isn't compatible, can you confirm what is please - I'm looking a the 'E' as it has a built in stand.


Thanks in advance.




Community Member

Yes you do, as the E is a different beast.

Community Member

ok - thank you.


I don't want to have 2 heat links - not even sure if I know how to add them either.


Is there a better way to control the heat in the 2nd room, within the nest options?