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Formal complaint procedure?

Community Member

Hi all, is anyone able to point me to a link for filing a formal complaint please?

I have 6 nest thermostats, they have been running happily for over a year until one day one of them stopped out of the blue. Giving me N9 wiring error message. I contacted customer support on 17/12/22 and after different tests and a lot of time on hold the lady concluded my thermostat downloaded US software and therefore can no longer communicate with the heat link. She asked me to order a free replacement and return my faulty thermostat once a replacement was received. I ordered the next day and DPD emailed telling me it’s on its way on 19/12/22.  That’s where it ended. I have never received a replacement. I chased over the original email and was promised they’d look into it and resolve it. Went quiet again. On 9/1/23 I was charger £219 (!!!) for the free replacement which I have never received! Called again, long time on hold, the lady came back confirming that my replacement was returned to the warehouse undelivered due to some packaging issue. She assured me I’d receive a replacement in a couple of days and they would refund me within 2 weeks. 5 days later I have not received the replacement. Not even a dispatch note. Not holding my breath for a refund either.
I have to manually turn the heating on and off, which is useless now that it’s sun zero at night. We either freeze or cook at night (the latter is hurting our gas bill!!!) My case is 2-0818000033664 - is there a way to turn it into a formal complaint please?