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Get it together

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Nest/google really need to get their acts together.  Every time I log in there's some stupid issue. I've had a nest for something like 3 years and every.  Single. Time I log in there's some stupid time wasting issue. 3 years in and when I go to turn my heat back on, I have no registered devices and have to be near my thermostat to use it. I am livid. No 3rd party voice support and an issue every time I turn a corner Nest is up to something stupid. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

That sounds really strange, can you give some examples of the errors you are seeing?  I have had a nest thermostat for 7 years with no issues , and while I know there are the occasional blips with devices or faults, having an error every single time is a huge red flag.  

1.) Often making changes to temperatures in the app don't register on the device , it just acts like nothing is happening. 

2.) The home/away feature is always backwards with or without "use your phone for location"

3.) The app often decides I need to login all over again and then my thermostat is missing, again. 

4.) Making temperature changes on the device that don't keep for whatever reason, it's not the eco/home/away. 

5.) One particularly cold day, nest decided to just shut off my heat for no reason. I'm not in TX, bought the nest at peak price and don't participate in any energy programs.

6.) Shouldn't be related but probably is: Nest is gone from my devices in Alexa.  Again.

7.) Fun with this "migrate to google" thing, had to setup the device minus installation all over again.

8.) Going to sound dumb but more times than not in the app, I put in a password and get told it's wrong just to put in the same password later and have it work. It's not an entry mistake or connection to the internet.  I'm convinced at this point that it enjoys frustrating me.