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No power none of the wires recognized

Nest thermostat wasn’t connecting to Wi-Fi because of modem problem got a new modem then had to reset the nest to my Google home hub. Finally got that done and it worked for a few hours and now stopped and is giving me no power messages. It’s not rec...

Pekegal by Community Member
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Correctly wired thermostat doesn’t work properly

I have 2 thermostats the same and wired the same way. While downstairs works perfectly, upstairs thermostat is turning the AC unit on and off randomly while it is on. Called AC service and they fins out the thermostat isn’t working as it supposed to....

OzzyT by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest Thermostat: Fan Schedule won’t save

 I would like to be able to schedule “fan only” to rotate air throughout the home when the window AC unit is on (I do not have central AC). I see where I am able to schedule under settings > schedule > drop down for FAN, however it does not have the ...


google nest learning 3 generation thermostat

 Hii, just got a google nest learning 3 generation thermostat and on my old thermostat is a jumper from w/e to w/2 so im trying to figure out the wiring. Any help please

Yasier22 by Community Member
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Google home app forcing Nest learning thermostat temperature?

I have a Nest Learning Thermostat and I use the Home App for it and for many other devices. I noticed that there is a scheduled Temperature setting that doesn't show in my nest app or the learning thermostat menu. It seems that the home app is trigge...

Nest warranty claim

After submitting two online warranty claims that were ignored, I was advised to call - thank you for that. However on sending me the warranty replacement they only sent me the main unit and not the wall base receptacle. The system still doesn’t funct...

How to reset a Nest account

How do I reset my Nest account? I've been having repeated issues linking a thermostat to my account. I've done two thermostats with the same errors (TD006, TD008, etc.) and done all the suggested troubleshooting I could fine. As a last resort, I link...

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