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Google Thermostat keeps going into eco mode

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I purchased and moved into my current house in June.  The house had a Google thermostat already installed, so I am not sure what version it is.  I think it is a model 1.4.  I have turned off the home/away settings, wiped out the schedule, and tried everything I can think of.  It keeps going into eco mode and setting the temp to 76 degrees.  If we don't catch it when it does this, the inside temp will end up at 76 degrees and the AC will never catch up.  I am ready to get rid of this f@**ing thing and get a different brand thermostat.  This thing sucks.




Turn off eco / auto schedule / early on & airwave under settings. That should stop it. Good luck. 

Thank you!

Hi folks, 


@NebraskaMarine7, thanks for reaching out to us. I hope you've already gotten the answer you are looking for. Please let us know if you still have questions or concerns, as we'll be willing to assist you more.

I appreciate your help, @HVAC