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Google nest disconnects from wifi every time heat starts running.

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I have a heat pump, and Ac and heating runs by electricity. Attached is how my wiring looked before installing Nest.

Since there was no wire connected to C, I didnt connect any c wire to Nest neither.

Nest works fine but as soon as the AC or heat pump starts running, nest disconnects from wifi and doesn't connect back until my unit stops running. 

I tried wiring G to C but then it acts super weird. When the unit starts running,  Nest disconnects from wifi and says will start running the unit in 2minutes. After 2mins, the unit stops and Nest starts it again. It is like a loop. That's why I put G wire back to G.

Any suggestions why my Nest Thermostat might be disconnecting from Wifi and why G wire does not work as C ?

Looking at my previous wiring, would anyone suggest what is the best wiring for Nest so I can give it a try ?



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Platinum Product Expert


How do you have the Google Nest Thermostat wired? I understand you don't have a C wire installed.

During setup in the Google Home app, which wires did you select when asked?

The G wire hack can cause problems; I always recommend not doing it.

If you don't have a spare wire that can be used to create the C wire, them I recommend using the Nest Power Connector.

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Yes, exactly the same way but without C wire.

Not sure why I have 5 cables but nothing fits for C wire. Maybe the previous installation wasn't right, I can't tell.

The only downside is the losing Wi-Fi when the unit is running. 

Thanks for the recommendation. I took a look at but it doesn't seem like an easy solution. I guess I will need to see how reliable it is with the current set-up and decide from there.


Thanks for the help.