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How to change safety temperature above 45 degrees

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Are there any updates to capabilities of changing the minimum safety temperature to be above 45 degrees? In my area, HVAC people say set your temperature to minimum 60 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing/bursting.

In previous threads (i.e. it seems it's not possible to increase safety temperature. I know that you can also configure your ECO mode to be higher. The reason I don't like this as a workaround is that I'm planning on renting out my house and I want to make it foolproof so even if the tenants turn off the thermostat the safety temperature can kick in at 60 degrees instead of 45.


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

You can change the safety temp on the nest or with the app. It only uses that temp if nest is turned off and it sees the temperature is below the safety temp.

Houptee -- NJ Master HVAC Licensed Contractor

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Community Specialist

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@VincentLa, when the predetermined limits are reached, Safety Temperatures can stop your home from dropping or rising above a specified degree. Options to change their safety temperatures can be found on the thermostat, in the Nest app, or in the Google Home app. Please check your Thermostat Safety Temperatures for additional details.




Hi and thanks for your response! I know you can change the safety temperature in the app or on the thermostat but my app will not let me change the temperature to above 45 degrees. How can I do so?