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Install failed looking for assisting device

Community Member

Both an existing thermostat and a new nest cam outdoor (battery) will no get past the looking for assisting device….ha, to help connect faster……lol….I have 4 nest thermostats, and one nest cam. Was trying to add a new outdoor cam when the problems started.Plus  one of the thermostats went offline. It showed on its screen connected and had Wi-Fi. Never could get to reconnect to google home app or where or the nest app.. So I reset and now, I can’t reinstall to nest app or google home app because of failed looking for assisting device. The new camera I bought last week was doing same thing and tried everything. I have rebooted the phones, reinstalled the app, factory reset the nests, switched to 2.4 from 5g, switched Wi-Fi, rebooted routers etc.


Community Member

Same issue here…. Super frustrating

Community Member

Yes, after working flawlessly since April, now suddenly "Looking for devices" yields nothing... "no devices connected."  Wrong!  Both chromecast and laptop are connected to same wi-fi.   Resets done and all.  Does Goodle ever respond?