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Modify dual-fuel settings via API

Community Member

I have a dual-fuel system (Heat Pump, with a boiler HW setup as Alt). In the mobile app, I can change the temperature cutoff for when the thermostat switches to Alt. This is in Settings -> Equipment -> Dual Fuel. As far as I can tell, this is not exposed in the API; I'm looking here:

Please make it possible for me to change this setting via the API. My use case is this: I have solar panels, so when they are producing and my house wants heat, I'd like to use the Heat Pump. When they are not, it doesn't make sense to heat via electricity. In that case, I want to use the boiler hot water setup. This logic is pretty simple and should be easy to do in Home Assistant, but for the fact that the setting isn't exposed in the API.

If it'd help, I can pay the broccoli man peer bonus tax via some folks I know who still work there. More seriously, I would like to avoid having to replace the Nest with an Ecobee just because this setting isn't in the API. Halp!