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Nest 3rd Gen Disconnects when more then 4 metres away

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I have a Nest 3rd Generation thermostat and it  normally sits in the hallway but it disconnected from the heat link which is upstairs in a cupboard in the bathroom. 

However, it would not connect so I went through all the reset options and the only thing that works is when it is only a few metres from it. If I move it only a few cms from the bathroom it disconnects. 

very frustrating. Any thoughts? 


Community Member

Similar thing used to happen to us in our old house. I believe the nest thermostat talks to the heat link via zigbee system which isn't that great over distance. Our heat link was in the cupboard housing our boiler in our utility room and if we put the nest thermostat in our lounge (perhaps 6m and 2 walls away) it occasionally lost contact. When I moved it to our study (2m away and 1 wall) it was mostly fine.
In our new house the heat link is on the wall and perhaps 10m away from the nest thermostat but it nearly has a clear line of sight (except for a door) and it has so far been perfect.