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Nest Heat Link dead, Thermostat WiFi dead

Community Member

Hi there. I got a Nest Heat Link + Thermostat installed professionally about 4 years ago. About 18 months ago, I found that the thermostat's WiFi has broken and I could no longer connect to it via the app.

Bit annoying, but I could live with it by manually turning the heating on and off. Recently I've tried to test my heating works in time for winter, and have found that my Heat Link is now also completely dead. No lights, nothing. Holding down the button for 20 seconds does nothing. Have tried power cycling but no luck. No problems with my boiler.

I got an electrician out to check everything out and he confirmed there's nothing wrong with the wiring or power going to the Heat Link, but the Heat Link itself is just dead.

Heading into winter and I have vulnerable members of my household, so I would really appreciate some help.





2 ways of looking at this.

1. Try for a replacement on here, and get one of the mods involved.

2. Take back to the shop or installer and ask for a repair. Would have been better 18 months ago when you first had the fault. Luckily here in the UK we have consumer law, and that covers things exactly like this. Look it up.

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Interesting, looked at my options and small claims court might be worth it if I don't hear anything back on this. I really think expensive items should last more than a few years of normal use and it seems like UK law suggests that too.

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Hi, can anyone from Google/Nest please advise?