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Nest Learning Thermostat and my struggle with it - HELP

Community Member

After several attempts to set and configure the thermostat, I am about to quit the Nest experimental lab.
However, maybe someone of you has some advice. before I take the device back to the store.
For the past 4 days I have used more energy to reheat the entire house than I can ever save with Nest.
I have a Goodman heat pump with electric strip for aux heat.
I have changed all the wires according to the instructions and after some research several times and put them on different contacts.

Original Braeburn Thermostat wiring:              Nest wiring:
red - Rh (bridge to Rd)                                          red - Rh
yellow - Y1                                                                 yellow - Y1
green - G                                                                  green - G
white - W1/E                                                             white - W1
brown - W2                                                               brown - W2/AUX
orange - O                                                                oranage - O
blue - C                                                                      blue - C
There are two more cables (black and pink). However, these are not connected to the board at the unit outside.

If I now connect my nest the same way, I actually come to a problem already at the beginning. Nest (supposedly) recognizes a dual fuel system, which I do not have. Well, technically I do.

So I set W1 and W2/Aux both to "Electric heating - Forced air".
Nest detects the room temperature and starts.
Now the nights are very cold right now and the outside temperature drops down to a good 14F.
And this is where my heat strip should come into play.
So Nest turns on the W2 as well. At least that is the theory. Please correct me if I am wrong.
When I wake up in the morning after a sleepless night (because my unit outside is running all night), the fan is blowing and the room temperature is about 50F because only cold air comes out of the vents.
I have switched the brown wire to star * and the white between W1 and  W2/Aux and changed the settings for * too . 
I have switched the white and the brown to each other on W1 - W2/Aux.

Nothing helped.
I have a second unit for the upper floor in the house. Is it maybe related to that?
Do I have to have a nest for upstairs and downstairs?
I don't want to spend another $250 on a second Learning Thermostat now, since I'll probably need the cash for the upcoming electric bill.
Why do I need the Learning Thermostat? Just because the compatibility check says so?