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Nest Temperature Sensor Short Battery Life

Community Member

I purchased three sensors about a year ago. Two are still working fine. About two months ago, one started draining the battery quickly. I had to replace the battery just about every two weeks.  It's not the distance to the thermostat because it connects with no problems (less than 30 ft).  Any ideas what the problem could be? Has anyone run into this situation?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi flxmmy,


Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear about what's happening.


Let's try the following to further isolate the issue:

  • Try moving your sensor a bit closer to your thermostat. Sometimes it may pass the connection test during setup, but will struggle to stay connected if it’s just a bit too far away.
  • Check for objects such as mirrors and refrigerators between the sensor and your thermostat. These items could block the connection. For more help, read Troubleshooting wireless interference.
  • If the battery still has a charge, try removing it for 10 minutes. This lets power drain completely from the sensor and forces  it to reset. Then put the battery back in and check if the sensor has reconnected in the Nest app.

Let me know how it goes by replying to this thread.




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How long should you expect the battery to last in a temperature sensor?

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Yes, I just found out that the nest temperature sensor does drain 2 new batteries I just installed, the nest sensor is now in the garbage!!!